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Infrastructure development
 I. Transport

I.1. Roads

Planning to move nation road 1A to the West of the city to reduce the circulation of vehicles toward the city’s center. Upgrading road 46 through Vinh Nam Dan, Quan Banh-Cua Lo to the road of 2 lanes.

Developing and modernizing the transport network of the city with a view to ensure the road quality of city ranked 2nd according to national norms, guaranteeing that the land for transport accounts for 15-18% natural land. In the first phase, concentrating investment on upgrading the infrastructure of Vinh market, Vinh railways station, center area, parks and gardens. Implementing projects to improve water supply drainage system and hygiene system. Building stone embankment along Bac irrigation ditch and developing the drainage system in the North of the city; Improving city’s roads: Nguyen Si Sach, Ha Huy Tap, Phan Dinh Phung, Nguyen Truong To, Phan Chu Trinh. Building and upgrading roads (Le Ninh, Quan Banh, Ly Thuong Kiet, Phong Ding Cang-Nguyen Du, and South East surrounding road) will facilitate the transport and socio-economic development. Increasingly mobilizing capital of people to build local infrastructure.

Building East and West surrounding roads. Planning to develop and upgrade the transport system in the city and in the suburbs along with the development of residential areas, new housing estate and functionary areas. Striving to pave all the pavements and to plant trees along the main roads.

Carrying out the preparation for projects: Building roads (from Nghi Thai district-Nghi Loc to Hung Hoa district) and dikes serving tourism and national security and defense. Building roads and concrete dikes from Hung Hoa to Ben Thuy bridge. Building embankment and exploiting Cua Tien River to serve tourism and economic development in the South of the city. Building surrounding and linking roads. Planning to build the South of the city (from surrounding roads to Cua Tien River, the North of Ben Thuy to create favorable conditions for socio-economic development.

Constructing Nam Nguyen Sy Sach, Doi Cung tenements; houses for rent serving students; Improving Quang Trung high building and other buildings.

Building transport oasis and traffic light system at intersections of the main roads: Le Mao and high traffic density areas.

Setting up bus station and bus route to the center and main roads, reducing individual vehicles to achieve 20-30% population using public transport by 2005. Building parking place, expanding Vinh bus station, and building Ga station.

I.2. Water lane

Reorganizing Ben Thuy Port, upgrading its wharf, dredging Lam River to ensure the entry of ships of 2,000 tons, increasing good transportation capacity and beautifying the landscape.

Planning Cua Tien Port, moving Vat lieu Port to upper Cua Tien Bridge and building commercial port near Vinh market in the lower area.

I.3. Airline

Improving Vinh airport to ensure the safety of passenger transport planes. By 2005, upgrading Vinh airport to an international airport.

II. Communication-Electricity system

II.1. Electricity supply

Upgrading Hung Dong 220/110KV electricity station. Fulfilling the construction and operating Ben Thuy station to supply electricity for the northern region. Building Bac Vinh 2x16 MVA-110/22KV station to supply electricity for the industrial zone and for other purposes.

Upgrading 6KV network in Ben Thuy area to 22KV station, building and improving 101kilometres electricity line of 22KV, improving 80 electricity stations and setting up 128 new stations of 22/0.4KV.

Improving and developing medium and low voltage lines to provide electricity for households. In order to realize this target, 250 electricity consumption transformers should be set up. Completing public lighting system in the city.

Continuing to improve 10 KV network in the North of the city. Developing electricity network to satisfy the socio-economic development.

II.2. Communication

Upgrading and modernizing communication system to achieve the general communication development in the world. Providing telephone service for people in the city and in the suburbs. Developing Internet, television cable network and video telephone service.

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