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Transportation system

Transportation system of City including highways, railways, airways, and waterways is convenient for Eco-cultural exchange within the province as well as internationally and domestically.

* Highway:

Highway number 1A runs through the downtown along the North – South axis, with 10 km long, has been upgraded to national standards.

Vinh is the intersection of many roads connecting to districts in the province, to Laos and North Eastern Thailand

* Railway:

National railway network goes by the Western part of the city with Vinh station as an important hub, which has been upgraded is convenient for providing the passengers services and transporting goods to other provinces in the whole country.

* Waterway:

River system that surrounds the East, West and South of the city ensures the smooth navigation among districts in the province.

Lam river with a depth varying from 2 to 4 meters, Ben Thuy as a traditional wharf for cargos in the Northern of Central region are able to receive vessel with capacity below 2,000 tons ship.

* Airway:

Vinh airport operates many flights to Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and is being upgraded to receive international flights.

Urban transportation network accounts for 765 km long of all kinds, has been almost concretised or asphalt coasted, the percentage of roads with 12 meter wide accounts for 15.7%, road density stay at 12km/ Square km, there are two bus stations of which: the Bus station located at no. 79, Le Loi road covers 2,500 square meter in the centre of the city is capable to park 80 buses. The other station for serving transportation of goods located at the South of Vinh Market (other name is Vinh market bus station) is capable to receive more than 50 trucks.

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