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list-of-projects proposed in-additional-to-be called-for investment-in-vinh city-in-the-period of-2011-2015

List of projects proposed in additional to be called for investment in Vinh City in the period of 2011-2015

List of projects proposed in additional to be called for investment in Vinh City in the period of 2011-2015


Railway plans to build 880km express line

Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR) has an ambitious plan to build the first-ever 880km express railway within a five year period beginning 2010.


Vinh City to become major city of north-central region

According to a project ratified by the government, construction of the Hanoi – Vinh highway will be underway soon. In addition, highway No 1, route 46 linking Vinh City and the west, and a road linking Cua Hoi, Vinh and Nam Dan will soon be completed. Bridges will also be built, including Ben Thuy II Bridge and Cua Hoi Bridge connecting Nghi Hai in Cua Lo town and Nghi Xuan in Ha Tinh Province


New homes, brighter futures for Vinh City slum dwellers

The Quang Minh and Quang Loc Communes will welcome back families currently living in the Vinh City slum as part of a Government decision supporting individuals and families suffering from extreme poverty.


Plan and establishment of some projects for transport roads construction

Areas along bank of Vinh River and Lam River are gateways to Vinh City. These areas are endowed with abundant advantages for development, especially tourism. However, due to the fact that it has not yet been planned in detailed and invested, the land here is left fallow or utilized irrationally.


Instruction of the People Committee of Nghe An Province

Fully grasping Resolution 04/NQ-TU of Standing Committee of Nghe An Province dated 21 May 2001 on directions of socio-economic development of Vinh City in period 2001-2010, Vinh City has been mobilizing all resources of the city and contribution of its people to invest in technical infrastructure construction, thus contributing to change face of the city.


Outline of 215 anniversary of Phuong hoang Trung Do – Vinh

The year 2003 marks significant events of Vinh City that are important historic points in establishment and development of the home city, namely: 215th anniversary of Phuong hoang Trung do – Vinh (1788-2003), 40 years of Vinh City (1963-2003) and 10 years since Vinh City was recognized as the second rank city (1993-2003).


Regulations of management, utilization of assistance fund for development of industry

To effectively manage and utilize this assistance fund, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Vinh City issued Decision 1312/QD-UB dated 8 August 2002 on promulgation of regulations of “management and utilisation of assistance fund for development of industry, small scale industry and handicraft villages in Vinh City”.

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